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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in Hagerstown

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If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or grief, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy can help you reduce physical tension and mental rumination. You are more than likely familiar with the stress response known as fight – flight – freeze, but your body is also naturally able to activate a relaxation response, which can clear your mind reduce suffering, and help you get unstuck.

Certified Yoga TherapistDuring your session, certified yoga therapist Heather Stang will guide you through a variety of exercises designed to help you relieve stress and tension and tap into your own inner wisdom. This includes breathing, mindful movement and gentle yoga – as well as compassionate discussion that will help you deepen your connection to yourself.

Each meeting will begin with a period of intention setting, where you can focus on what you want to receive from your session. Heather will create a safe space for you to speak and be heard without judgment. Most sessions end with a period of integration, where you can reflect on your experience “on the mat,” and compare it to your life “off the mat.” This will help you create an action step that you can take in your real life to support your authentic self.

You do not need to have any previous yoga or meditation experience, or be physically fit, to benefit from a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session. Sessions can be offered with or without movement, and with or without therapeutic touch. This is a collaborative process, and the path each session takes is based on your aspirations and present moment needs.

What Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Is Not

It is not a regular yoga class where you will be taught yoga postures, or a workout. I like to say that you learn how to “be” yoga rather than “do” yoga! It is also not talk therapy, although dialogue is part of the process. Heather will not analyze or interpret your experience, but will give you the tools to be your own best friend and listen to the wisdom and insight that comes from within.

About Heather Stang

Heather Stang is the author of Mindfulness & Grief: With Guided Meditations To Calm Your Mind & Restore Your SpiritShe became certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therpay in 2003, and earned  a Master’s of Thanatology Degree (Death, Dying & Bereavement) from Hood College in 2010. A mindfulness speaker and trainer, Heather’s focus on teaching others to use mindfulness-based techniques to reduce caregiver stress, cope with grief, and cultivate self-actualization is inspired by her own journey of love, loss and posttraumatic growth. She is the founder of the Frederick Meditation Center, Hagerstown Yoga Therapy & Meditation, and facilitates workshops on topics ranging from grief to leadership. Guided meditations for grief and grief articles can be found on her companion website, MindfulnessAndGrief.com.

Testimonial: How Yoga Therapy Worked for Me

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has been a wonderful stress-buster for me.  I wasn’t really sure what it was when I first discovered it – I was actually looking for a yoga instructor, thinking I wanted to take a beginning yoga class.  But I was interested in working in a one-on-one setting, and when I came across Heather’s website, I thought it was worth looking into.

What I found was much more than a yoga workout.  By working with Heather, I was able to not only get my stress levels under control, but I was also able to begin to explore those areas in my life which were generating the stress.

It has been over a year since I started Yoga Therapy, and my life has changed dramatically.  I have made rewarding changes in my career, friendships, and home life.  To say that I feel like a new person would be an understatement!  Working with Heather has been one of the most positive, life-affirming experiences I have ever had, and I would recommend Yoga Therapy to anyone who is ready to truly explore a new method to eliminate stress and get to know themselves better.

– G.L.